Barons Vista

Barons Vista

“Providing a vibrant and quality lifestyle, embracing creativity.”


The City of Dickinson has great assets in mining and the health care industries. However, we believe that Barons Vista Development has tremendous assets which will attract high-tech, higher paying jobs and provide an active lifestyle including homes, businesses, recreation and civic places in close proximity to each other.This development pattern, consistent with traditional towns and villages, will offer a vibrant lifestyle and attractive housing options that are important to entrepreneurial companies.

Urban Plan:

A full range of built environments will be carefully arranged to meet the needs of Baron’s Vista, a 282 acres Mixed Development. Vista Park, the heart of the community and the namesake of the development, will feature a natural 60 feet mount displaying full 360 degree view of the city and a large green whose edges are defined by close-knit shops, restaurants and civic buildings with lofts, offices and townhouses. Baron’s Garden Vista Mall, which will span 300,000 sq ft, will feature the largest indoor picnic grounds in ND, will attract visitor from all over ND to visit Dickinson. The Mall will anchor the town center together with a 4-star Condotel with spa, meeting, convention, and exhibition space. Retail and office spaces within the mall will not only be functional, but a delight to inhabit year around.

The retail spaces of the town center will be visually and physically tied to the outdoor realm. Interiors will be well designed with a sensibility to function and fashion. Buildings will be grounded with solid materials such as native stone, brick and solid timbers.Leading out of the town center will be townhouse and live/work districts that define the street and lead into traditional neighborhoods of large medium and small sized cottages. Conventional single-family homes will lie at the western edge of the development as the most pastoral of the built realms.

In this manner, many forms of diversity will accommodate a variety of income levels. The 507 houses Barons will build will be elegant and simple. Understated minimalism will harmonize with the setting without competing for attention. Scale, balance, and harmony paired with authentic materials will create architecture that is permanent yet always fashionable.

The vast ample greenery landscape will be splendid venues for theatrical performances that can be used by the broader community of Dickinson. A profound fascination with urban environments is what drives Baron’s Development to create special places that evoke the highest ideals of home, beauty, security, creativity and a sense of belonging while weaving in the wholesomeness and mystery of nature. Great places that fuse together art, nature, architecture and culture within a single distinctive place, blessing all of those who inhabit them and inspiring others to re-create them.

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