Barons Lodge In KillDeer.

It used to be the housing crisis in Dunn County is a crippling problem for both businesses and would- be workers alike. Housing, if you can find it at all, has rents on average anywhere between $650 per month for a single room in a boarding house to $2500 per month for a three-bedroom mobile home. With the lack of availability, it has forced many workers in Dunn County commuting from Dickinson or further which not only adds to the congestion on Highway 22 but also leaves many jobs unfilled as prospective workers decide it’s simply not worth the drive. This not only hurts the businesses but also impacts the community at large, as it loses the benefits of the services provided by these workers. However, since the fall of oil prices in Nov 2014, Barons Lodge had survived the huge loss of oil workers being retrenched throughout 2015. We are still modestly profitable despite the downside, thanks to our prudence in Management and excellent service that motivated workers to return every time they are in Killdeer.

The 61 room hotel set to open it’s door in Killdeer , will fulfill the needs of the Dunn County City which is in the midst of growth caused by the oil boom. Barons Lodge features 61 rooms which will consists a mix of Single beds and double beds room with a breakfast area for their guests. Market research studies have identified the subject site as one of the most desirable sites in the heart of the Oil activity. This site is situated on the N.W. corner of Hwy 200 and Hwy 22 just off the new roundabout being built now to handle the estimated 10,000 vehicles through this intersection daily. This corridor is heavily traveled with the Oil field related companies to service the active oil industry north of Dickinson all the way up to Stanley. With such strategic locations Barons Lodge envision itself to be the place to stay when you are in Killdeer or just passing through.


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